YachtRacing.com's Sailing Associations
We're very loosely associated


ISAF - They seem to keep score of who's the best
We like to play find the American
It takes a while (the secret is to look for a name without an extra h or j in it)

Offshore Racing Council - They maintain rules that make Racing Yachts
slower, heavier, and uglier than even Stanley Kubrick could have imagined
If you don't believe me, look at the yacht on the IMS website


US Sailing
- Without them we couldn't be what we are today
Third Best Nation in the World
But They are working hard to become better than the DMV -

Offshore Racing Council - Enough Said

American Model Yachting Association - US Governing Body
Yes, more governing bodies - just what we need
Good listing of Model Yacht Clubs around the US


Gulf Yachting Association - Louisiana to Pensacola (Very Fun Group at Key West)
also they are the reigning Knot and Shot Champions

- The Official Ezine of Maine Competitive Sailing!
Ocean racing news from The Gulf of Maine Ocean Racing Association -
GMORA - Designed to keep you informed of current happenings
on the Gulf of Maine Ocean Racing

Lake Yacht Racing Association
Oldest Yacht Racing Association in America
Only International YRA in North America

San Francisco Bay's Yacht Racing Association

Southern California Yachting Association

Yacht Racing Union of Southern California


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