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Yacht Club
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  Bruxelles Royal Yacht Club http://www.bryc.be/ Brussels Belgium    
  Watersportkring van de Luchtmacht Nieuwpoort www.wsklum.be   Belgium    
  Cercle de la Voile de Paris http://www.ffv.fr/cvp PARIS France    
  Societe De Regates Du Havre

No Website Yet

Le Harve France    
  Yacht Club d'Antibes No Website Yet N/A France    
  Yacht Club de France No Website Yet N/A France    
  Yacht Club Sete http://www.bigboy.net/yacht-club/med/ycsete/index.html   France    
  Akademischer Yacht Club http://www.rwth-aachen.de/ayc/ Aachen Germany    
  Düsseldorfer Yacht Club http://members.aol.com/dycnetz/ Dusseldorf Germany    
  Kieler Yacht Club http://www.kyc.de/ Kiel Germany    
  Leverkusener Yacht Club http://www.bayer.com/sport/frames/
Dormagen Germany    
  Libera Yacht Club Chiemsee http://www.segel.de/LYCC/ Anzing Germany    
  Oldenburger Yacht Club http://www.oyc.de/ Oldenburg Germany    
  Spandauer Yacht-Club http://www.transmedia.de/SpYC/
Berlin Germany    
  St. Gallischer Yacht Club http://www.segeln.ch/sgyc.htm   Germany    
  Wismarer Segler Verein 1911 http://www.segel.de/wsv11 Wismar / Mecklenburg Germany    
  Royal Giibraltar Yacht Club No Website Yet Queensway Gibraltar  
  Yacht Club de Monaco http://www.yacht-club-monaco.mc/ N/A Monaco  
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